KizInDar Dance Festival 2025!

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GET READY FOR KizInDar Dance Festival 2025!

It’s the perfect opportunity to take your #Kizomba, #Semba, #UrbanBachata, and #Tango skills to the next level. And that’s not all – there are yoga and workshops sessions too!⁣⁣

Experience amazing music and tantalizing themes at our festival designed for you. Bring some friends along to make it a night to remember.⁣⁣Use the form below for booking or more info on Kizindar Festival 2025


Unleash your inner dancer and join us for our Kizomba & Semba classes! Our professional instructors will help you learn the beautiful rhythms of these African dances. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dancer, we have the perfect class for you. Come explore the culture and music of these African dances and become an expert in no time!

Kizomba Dance Courses

Tailored lessons from Beginners , Intermediate to Advance level classes

Semba Dance Courses

Traditional Semba dance classes tailored for you with traditional pedagogy

Urban & Ginga

Urban Kizomba and styling lessons tailored to different levels.


We’re giving you a glimpse into the origins and beauty of two of the most iconic African dances: Kizomba and Semba. Our original artwork will make it easier for you to visualize the feel and passion behind this form of expression.⁣⁣Learn more about Kizomba and Semba’s colorful history & its impact on culture, music, language & art. Plus detailed references & sources are also provided! 🤩⁣⁣


Issa Usualle

Co-Founder / Instructor / Exec. Director

Kizomba & Semba instructor, executive director, and project manager for Kizindar Festival.

Burhani Mtengwa

Founder / Instructor / C.E.O

Kizomba & semba instructor, Artist , Musician , C.E.O and founder of Kizindar & Kizomba Cambodia.

Hamisi Hatibu​


Urban Kizomba Instructor, Gymnast, Acrobat, General Manager and Marketing Manager for Kizindar Festival.

One stop solution for Kizomba & Semba in Tanzania

Kizomba and Semba Lessons

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Our teachers are International we have branches in Asia, Europe coming soon

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