Kizombadas & civil war

Kizomba is a dance style that originated in Angola and has since spread worldwide. One of the unique aspects of Kizomba is its role in connecting Africans who are outside of Africa, particularly in the diaspora. Despite being far from their homeland, Kizomba has provided a way for these individuals to connect with their culture and each other through music and dance.

Kizombadas, or Kizomba parties, have become a popular way for diaspora Africans to come together and celebrate their culture. These events often feature live music and dance performances, as well as opportunities for people to learn and practice the dance style. As one Kizomba enthusiast notes, “Kizomba is a way for us to connect with our roots and with each other, no matter where we are in the world” (AfroLatino Dance Company, 2021).

This connection has been particularly important during times of political unrest and conflict in Portuguese-speaking African countries. For example, during the Angolan civil war in the 1990s, Kizomba continued to be an important part of the culture despite the difficult circumstances. As one musician notes, “Even during the war, we never stopped playing music and dancing. It was a way for us to find joy and to connect with each other” (BBC News, 2019).

Kizomba has also produced many talented artists who have contributed to the growth and popularity of the style. Some notable examples include Anselmo Ralph, Nelson Freitas, and Badoxa. These artists have not only created popular music but have also helped to spread Kizomba to new audiences around the world.

In conclusion, Kizomba has played a vital role in connecting Africans who are outside of Africa, particularly in the diaspora. Kizombadas and other events have provided opportunities for people to come together and celebrate their culture through music and dance. Even during times of conflict and unrest, Kizomba has persisted as a way for people to find joy and connection. The style’s talented artists have also contributed to its popularity and growth worldwide.


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Image credits: Original artwork created by Professor Buru, copyrighted toProfessor Buru.


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